Lumberton Tomorrow - Land Use Plan

The City of Lumberton has developed a draft Land Use Plan, Lumberton Tomorrow, that covers the City’s future land uses with a special emphasis on Interstate 95, major transportation corridors, downtown, the North Elm Street area, and the airport area.  Please click on the links to the right to review the draf plan documents.  

The draft land use plan is the culmination of a year-long process including input from focus group meetings, Land Use Plan Steering Committee meetings, public meetings, as well as  input from over 675 City residents who completed the land use plan survey last summer.

The plan was adopted by City Council on September 14, 2015 and be viewed by clicking here.


What is a Land Use Plan?

The land use plan is a written document that will be utilized by the City to help make more informed decisions on policies and investments that will impact the future growth and development of Lumberton. The plan is founded on a shared vision for the future with implementation strategies within the plan providing the guidance for budgeting and work programs. The Lumberton Land Use Plan considered many broad areas including: demographics, economic development, land use, housing, transportation, recreation, public services and other community needs. While the land use plan does help guide future regulatory decision-making, it is not a regulatory instrument. Rather, the City’s regulations and zoning documents exist as separate documents (that are updated individually through a public process and action by the local governing body).